Margaret Claver FCJ’s Retreats

Light to those who sit in Darkness

With Margaret Claver FCJ & Jennifer Sanders RSJ

Friday 3 March, 5.30pm – Friday 10 March, 9am

Cost: $770 (live-in) or $535 (live-out)

This Lenten journey retreat invites you to meet “the loving kindness of the heart of our God” in a retreat that gives a taste of the First Spiritual Exercises retreat, called Inner Peace in Darkness and Light. These exercises take us in prayer through the mysteries of love, sin and mercy, healing and freedom. They track through the dark side of our humanity and life journey. But in doing so, with God’s tender love, they also provide us with a sure route to greater faith, wholeness and intimacy with God. Indeed, they lead us to a profound friendship with God. Come and experience this journey into the mercy of God.

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Called into Life

Monday 5 June, 5.30pm – Friday 9 June, 9am

Cost: $400 (live-in) or $280 (live-out)

Inner Peace in Friendship with Jesus – a Taste of this First Spiritual Exercises Retreat, where I become aware that I live in the stream of God’s love and can allow God to teach me about friendship, by meeting the gentle human face of God in Jesus. ‘Some friends play at friendship but a true friend sticks closer than one’s nearest kin’ (Proverbs 18:24). Using sacred symbols for each exercise, we begin with the first acts of Divine friendship; the creation of the universe and ourselves, and end with the last act of friendship; our eternal union with the Trinity. In the core of the retreat, we pray ‘friendship’ exercises that help people we know in need. Come and experience this journey into Divine friendship.

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Discovering Delight

Monday 25 September, 5.30pm – Friday 29 September, 9am

Cost: $400 (live-in) or $280 (live-out)

Using some traditional prayers and the Beatitudes, discover your own gifts of prayer and blessings in a taste of Inner Peace in Service of God. The core of this retreat is praying the Beatitudes, gifts of the Spirit, works of mercy and more, in a way that draws naturally on our own experience of these gifts in our lives. We are encouraged to ask for the grace we most need now. Come and experience this journey into more fruitful service.

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