Supervision is: 

“The processing of the inner experiences of spiritual directors that are evoked during direction sessions in order to help them grow in awareness of their reactions and responses, to allow them to respond in a God-centered and interiorly free manner, and to maintain a contemplative focus.                                                                                                                                                                                       (Other tasks and benefits may occur through supervision, such as guiding, consulting, teaching, and personal healing; however these are secondary tasks and occur only after the primary purpose is served).” 

(Looking into the Well 1995, p.13; Maureen Conroy)

It is also: “a process of experiential learning wherein a regular and safe place is created for supervisees to undertake facilitated reflection on the experiences that arise from their work.” 

(G. Murray; 1999)


Campion CIS believes that regular supervision is integral to ongoing formation for practitioners in spiritual direction and in other areas of pastoral ministry. We offer experienced and knowledgeable supervisors for individual and group supervision.

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